Registered number: AQ1878
Sex: Mare
Height: 32''
Colour: Black with three white socks
Date of Birth: 20th of May 2004

Sire: Kerswell Speckle
Grand Sire: Kerswell Minnow
Grand Mare: Spritely of Berry

Dam: Kerswell Celeste
Sire: Vorden Picea
Mare: Torside Cobweb
Kerswell Celestine is the matriarch of the her and is forever checking the other mares and foals are well looked after. She always produces a lovely foal and all her current foals have been sold on to another stud.

Pedigree Ponies

Kerswell Speckle
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Kerswell Minnow
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Vorden Picea
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Kerswell Minetta
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New Park Chieftain
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Kerswell Nijinsky
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